Our Equipment list

HP LX 3000 Latex Printer
The newest eco-friendly HP latex solvent free printer, producing odourless and stunning image quality @ 1200 x 1200 dpi. A 6 colour machine capable of printing up to 120 m2 per hour with a print width up to 3.2 Mtr. Ideal for printing on roll fed material for close up viewing projects.

HP Scitex XP 2750
Ultra reliable roll to roll and UV flatbed printer, capable of printing direct to any media up to a thickness of 6.5cm on roll to roll or rigid substrates. Superior image quality produced by a 8 colour process @ 1270 x 1600 dpi with a print speed of 110 m2 per hour with a width of 3.2 Mtr. Brilliant for large format retail, interior or exterior hoardings, banners, and direct to media printing.

Robust hybrid UV flatbed roll to roll or direct to virtually any media. Prints direct to virtually any media, including glass, foam board PVC, acrylic, glass, wood, aluminium and metal up to 5.08 cm in thick. Producing outstanding quality images with a 6 colour process + White @ 1000 dpi on a print bed of 2.0 Mtr wide by any length with speeds up 100 m2 per hour.

HP Z6200
Printing up to 1.524 Mtr wide @ 2400 x 1200 dpi is perfect for retail and interior work. Producing a vibrant, flawless and pin sharp image with it’s 8 colour pigment ink system.

Miller Weldmaster T300 Extreme
Used for high quality heat welding banners to together for exterior marketing projects. With our in house, hem & eyelet service, the weldmaster welds at a speed of 28 linear mtr. per minute.

Zund Flatbed Cutter – L2500
Fully automated cutting system for the efficient contour cutting, trimming, routing and creasing of rigid substrates as well as banners, posters and rolled media.